How to Save Money on HVAC

Summer is supposed to be filled with hot days. But sometimes those hot days turn into hot weeks and running your air conditioner around the clock becomes normal. You might be wondering how much of your budget is going toward keeping your home comfortable. Trying to find ways to cut a little off your energy bills can help ease your mind, and your budget. Our team at Resicon LLC wants to share some of our best ideas for reducing your energy usage and saving you money.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) reports that air conditioners use roughly 6 percent of all US electricity, costing homeowners about $29 billion per year. Here are some ways to put some of that money back into your pocket.

Good Maintenance Habits

A well-maintained heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system runs more efficiently than one that has been neglected for years. Be sure you take care of small things like changing your air filters regularly and rely on Resicon LLC to conduct regular maintenance on both your heating and cooling systems.

While our expert technician is cleaning, inspecting, and tuning up your HVAC equipment, he or she will also check for leaks in duct work, the operation of your thermostat, and the air circulation around your equipment. Good maintenance is the first step to efficient energy consumption.

Make Long-Term Investments

If you’re planning on staying in your home for many years, you may want to make some long-term investments to save energy through the years. Often, home improvements can also add value to your home. For example, a new HVAC system will operate much more efficiently than an antiquated one. Some high-efficiency models may even pay for themselves in just a few years, but this will vary depending on the cost of fuel in your area, the inefficiency of your older system, and the cost of your new equipment. Replacing old, leaking windows keeps conditioned air inside and unconditioned air out, increasing your comfort. Planting shade trees in your yard not only improves the beauty of your property, but also provides cool shade that helps reduce the heat. 

Circulate and Dehumidify

Both air circulation and humidity levels can affect how warm your home feels. Consider using floor fans or whole-house fans to supplement your air conditioning system. The US DOE tells us ventilation is the least expensive and most energy efficient way to cool a home. If the heat of the day fades into the cool of night, opening a few windows allows some free cool air inside. But close up your house if humidity is high; that humid air can make your home feel warmer.

Speaking of humidity, Washington can be humid year round, so you may want to invest in a whole-house dehumidifier. By removing the excess moisture from the air, you will essentially be making the air feel more comfortable inside.

Move Heat-Generating Chores Outdoors

Trying to move your laundry and cooking chores to the outdoors can make a significant impact on your HVAC bills. Frequently, we find that appliances such as clothes dryers, ovens, and dishwashers are in constant competition with our air conditioning systems in our Tacoma homes. If you can grill outside a couple of times a week or dry your towels and sheets outdoors, you may save money on both appliance use and energy consumption.

Insulate, Shade, and Redirect Heat

Be sure to take advantage of things like well-sealed doors and windows, and better insulation to help keep your home cooler in the summer. Lighter window coverings that help keep the sun’s warmth out during peak hours can also help you reduce the amount of air conditioning you need. Innovations such as reflective roof tiles and exterior paint, even light-colored exterior paint, can also reduce the heating effects of the sun on your home. 

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostat technology has made great strides over the last several years. Many can be programmed to automatically raise or lower the temperature while you are away or asleep in order to reduce energy use. Some can be controlled from a smart phone, giving you more options to adjust your home’s temperatures while you’re away.

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