Resicon Overview of Services

Resicon is a full-service electrical and HVAC contractor specializing in energy-efficiency and environmentally friendly solutions for homes and small businesses. We help people save money, enjoy better indoor comfort, and benefit the environment.

We offer some of the best and most affordable installation work available for ductless heating systems and have extensive experience with weatherization thanks to our work with larger government agencies. You can also look to us for LED lighting, ventilation system upgrades, and complete electrical services.

Core Capabilities

HVAC Installations

Resicon has a team of installers that are trained and experienced with all facets of heat pump installations. We specialize in ductless system installations and are Mitsubishi Diamond Elite contractors.

Our HVAC installations are focused on residential and light commercial. Our installers have extensive training certification from the manufacturer, are OSHA10 safety certified, are Lead Safe Paint Practices certified, are Asbestos Awareness trained, and are EPA certified to handle refrigerant. Because we have our own state-certified electricians on staff, we complete every installation 100 percent in-house without the hassle of subcontracting part of the job. This helps to differentiate us from the competition by allowing full control over scheduling and the quality of our work.

We further differentiate ourselves from the competition as a contractor for numerous government agencies with hundreds of ductless mini split installations completed over the last several years. This work involves an entirely separate rigorous and difficult qualification process, bid process, and inspection process that is over and above the typical residential installation processes.

Our experience with and adherence to these tough standards and specifications gives us a leg up on the competition. Finally, we are well informed and are participating contractors in all the local utility rebate programs throughout the Puget Sound region, allowing us to help you save even more on your project.

Electrical Installations

Resicon is a State Licensed Electrical Contractor and meets all the requirements to work in the State of Washington. This means we have an electrical administrator, journeyman electricians, and trainee electricians all on staff.

We perform both residential and commercial electrical installations. We have extensive experience with electrical panel upgrades, service upgrades, LED lighting upgrades, rewiring, and many other forms of electrical repairs, changes, and additions to existing and new systems. Our extensive work with government agencies often brings with it additional inspections and paperwork that require the highest of standards and careful attention to detail.

Mechanical Ventilation

Resicon is a preferred and chosen vendor through both contract and competitive bid with numerous government agencies. We provide ventilation upgrades for these agencies’ weatherization programs.

We install whole-house fans, energy recovery ventilators (ERVs), spot ventilation fans, dryer booster fans, and ventilation controls. The installation of these appliances and controls allows residential and multifamily homes to be compliant with ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation requirements helping to maintain a healthier environment for the people in the home. Our staff is trained in these standards and Resicon maintains a Building Performance Institute Building Analyst on Staff that is certified in this area of work.

Lighting Upgrades

Resicon performs numerous LED lighting upgrade projects for multifamily and commercial property owners. We are participating contractors in all the local utility incentive programs that allow property owners to reduce the cost of their lighting upgrade projects.

These utilities include Puget Sound Energy, Tacoma Power, Seattle City Light, Peninsula Light, and all the other BPA-affiliated utilities in the market. We are versed in and complete all the paperwork for these oft-confusing incentive programs. Staff members attend various training and lighting shows (including the Annual International Lightfair) throughout the year to stay current with the latest technologies, trends, and code requirements.

We are experts in helping owners choose lighting solutions that are cost saving, aesthetically pleasing, provide a safer environment, meet local code requirements, and significantly reduce ongoing maintenance.

Weatherization Services

Resicon works with many government agencies and private customers to provide comprehensive weatherization measures for both single-family and multifamily homes. Some of the agencies we work with are King County Housing Authority, Seattle Housing Authority, Pierce County Human Resources, Seattle’s Homewise agency, as well as others.

While we do perform most of the work in-house, we often operate as a general contractor overseeing entire projects and subcontractors that perform other work such as insulating, air sealing, plumbing, window replacements, and other repair work. Resicon is familiar with and experienced with all the various forms and processes that are required for this type of work.

What Differentiates Resicon From the Rest of the Competition?

Resicon is held to a higher standard. Resicon is vetted extensively as a participant in various government programs, is required to maintain numerous certifications (OSHA 10, OSHA 30, Lead Safe Renovator, Building Analyst Certification, Asbestos Awareness certification), and undergoes several “extra” audits and inspections of work. Typical residential HVAC and electrical contractors are not required to do or have any of these things. In addition, Resicon is a woman/minority-owned small business.

Office Location

3914 Center Street
Tacoma WA 98409
Vielka Ansari
Ofc: 253–625–7952
Email: Vielka@ResiconLLC.com


Washington UBI Number - 602942449

DUNNS Number - 065875147

Cage Number - 7DKG7

NAICS Codes - 11111

Contractor Licenses
Electrical – RESICL#919N7
General – RESICL874OF
Seattle Refrigerant – LIC-RC-12171
Journeyman Electrician – Multiple employees

Lead Paint Renovator #R1565
WMBO – Washington State #
BPI Building Analyst – 5030483
BPI Air Sealing – 5030843
EPA Refrigerant Handling – #P488D19ED5C06A0E0
OSHA10 – All Employees
First Aid and CPR – All Employees
Lead Paint Renovator – All Employees
Contractor Alliance Network – Puget Sound Energy
Trade Ally – Tacoma Power

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