What Is My Heat Pump Saying?

something is making a noise.

One of the first things a new homeowner learns is how to get used to all the little sounds of a home, from creaky doors to the working noises of appliances and home systems. Although everything sounds new at first, as times goes on, you should be accepting “normal” sounds while unusual ones can help alert you to potential repairs that may be needed.

Our professionals at Resicon LLC are well-versed in the noises of a heat pump, and we want to help you interpret what your heat pump may be trying to tell you. 

“Don’t mind me … I’m just doing my job”

Compared with conventional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, heat pumps can be a little on the noisier side. If you hear clicking or tapping in your Washington home when your heat pump is shutting down, it is probably the scroll compressor doing its job. If you sense that your entire heat pump is shaking when it powers up, that can be a normal part of operations as well.

“It’s just a little on the cold side”

Swooshing noises in the winter may also be no reason for concern as this is the normal noise heat pumps make while they are defrosting.

“Ouch! I think my fan blades are hitting something!”

If you hear a noise that sounds like metal hitting metal, shut down your heat pump right away. This usually indicates that the fan blades are hitting a foreign object or a loose component inside your heat pump. If it’s not readily apparent what is causing the noise, it may warrant an inspection by one of our professionals at your Tacoma home.

“I might just need a little help absorbing the vibrations…”

Vibration sounds may be reduced by simply placing rubber pads under the heat pump to absorb the noise or tightening a few loose screws on a cover panel or two. These are simple things for you to check if you notice these types of sounds.

“… or I might have a more serious problem”

However, rattling and vibration sounds can indicate a more serious problem that should be left to our professional technicians to resolve.

“I need Resicon to check me out!”

Any strange noises that are out of the ordinary should prompt a call to us. Our technicians have been trained to help homeowners make a proper diagnosis for a wide range of sounds and noises.

If you are considering purchasing a heat pump, you’ll appreciate knowing that the Department of Energy has reported that heat pumps can decrease energy costs by up to half when compared with some older conventional furnace and air conditioning systems. You’ll get used to the normal operational noises of a heat pump. When you notice noises out of the ordinary, our expert team is ready to help. Ask about our maintenance plan so your equipment gets a good check-up before the next heating or cooling season. Regular maintenance can minimize repairs and maximize your equipment’s lifespan and efficiency.

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