Virtual Appointment

    Only answer yes if you have a permanent air conditioning system in place such as a heat pump, AC attached to your furnace, ductless heat pump, swamp cooler, etc. Do not answer yes if you are using plug in air conditioner(s).
  • NOTE: Please take pictures while standing back from the item. We need to see what is around the equipment as well as the equipment itself. Please try to include the following pictures:

    • The exterior of the home (front, rear, both sides). Get as much perspective as you can in the photos.
    • Existing heating system (furnace, wall heaters, etc.) and/or water heater
    • Existing outdoor heat pump equipment if you have any
    • Electrical panel (Step back and take a picture so we can see what is around the panel AND take a picture with the door open so we can see the breakers and the panel label)

    Typically we will need to have a Skype/Facetime/Facebook video call with you to complete the process at which time we should have all the information we need to send you a proposal. We know we can’t see everything we would normally see if we were to actually come to your home for a site visit, but our proposal will be accurate within 8% of the proposal price. Thank you!

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