Why Are Homeowners Switching to Heat Pumps?

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There are various heaters out on the market, from furnaces, to boilers, to infrared heaters, and so much more. Each has its own methods of operating, and they come with unique pros and cons. Even with all of those pros and cons factored in, however, HVAC seems to be culminating toward one system in particular:

The ductless heat pump.

After all, they’ve been long-time favorites in countries like Japan and Europe. Now, we see more and more new homeowners in Tacoma, WA relying on heat pumps. We’ll explain some of the reasons why down below.

They Use Electricity More Efficiently

Many heaters that use electricity happen to be very efficient at generating heat. Yet, there is a problem. Namely, that electricity is not cheap. Running an electric heater month after month really adds up for homeowners who simply want an effective and efficient heater. Opting for a natural-gas-fueled heater becomes the obvious choice for them.

For heat pumps, however, it’s a different story. Instead of creating heat through electrical resistance, they simply move heat from one place to another. While the actual process is much more complex than just “moving heat,” the result of that process is truly more efficient and less energy-intensive.

For the homeowner who does not have access to natural gas, or simply does not wish to use it, heat pumps in Tacoma, WA are the most economical option.

They Double as Both Heater and Air Conditioner

The majority of homeowners own a heater and an air conditioner as two separate systems. Yet, heat pumps are beginning to change this.

Since heat pumps do not actually create warm air, their heat transference process is able to be reversed. In the summer, the warm air is moved out of the home and released outdoors. In the winter, the warm air from outside is taken and placed inside the home.

There was a point when heat pumps could not operate efficiently in temperatures dropping below 30°F. For climates that regularly dropped below this temperature, it made more sense to stick with separate systems or to install a dual-fuel system. However, this is no longer true with modern heat pump systems. Using Hyper Heat technology, such as those found in Mitsubishi heat pumps, they can efficiently keep the home warm at temperatures reaching -13°F.

They Offer Zoned Heating and Cooling

Many homeowners install a central AC or furnace and realize too late that they have no control over the temperature in individual rooms of the home. Those systems are designed only to heat/cool the entire home, or none of it.

Ductless heat pumps indoor air handlers are installed in each room individually, with its own set of controls, making temperature control extremely flexible. This degree of control allows you to either maximize comfort or to maximize efficiency. Either way, it gives the homeowner control over their heating and cooling that’s simply not available in other kinds of heaters and air conditioners.

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