Upgrade to LED Lights for a More Eco-Friendly House

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One of the most important jobs we do as electricians in Tacoma, WA is to help our customers go green—or greener. We are an eco-friendly company invested in the best in green technology, and providing eco-friendly solutions to our customers is part of our mission. Green technology is not just good for the planet, it’s good for your pocketbook!

One of the simplest ways you can make your house more eco-friendly is to arrange for an indoor and outdoor lighting upgrade to replace old incandescent and florescent lights with new LED light bulbs. Light-emitting diode illumination is becoming common across the nation and for many good reasons. LEDs have almost no downsides at all, and the rewards are tremendous.

How LED Light Bulbs Help the Environment

Using LEDs reduces carbon emissions and benefits the environment in other ways.

High Energy Efficiency Means Less Power Waste

The energy efficiency of LED light bulbs is tremendous compared to standard light bulbs—around 80% more efficient. A standard incandescent bulb converts only around 5% of its energy to generating light and loses the rest to heat. It’s the reverse with an LED bulb, with only 5% of the energy used lost to heat. The main impact you’ll see is on your monthly bills, which will be far lower. But reducing the amount on energy waste in your house means a lower demand on power plants and a subsequent lowering of carbon emissions from those plants. It also lowers our dependence on non-renewable forms of energy.

To give you an idea on the size of the impact: at the current speed of LED adoption, in ten years three out of four light bulbs will be LEDs, lowering carbon emissions by 1.8 million metric tons and electrical demand by a third.

Longevity Saves on Manufacturing and Keeps Landfills From Being Too Full

The average LED bulb can last six times longer than incandescent and florescent light bulbs, often enduring ten to twelve years as compared to three or four. This is further great news for your budget, because you won’t need to regularly replace the light bulbs. What this does for the environment is lower the effects of manufacturing, packaging material, and transportation. There will also be fewer light bulbs sent into the landfills. Which connects to our next point:

Non-Toxic Elements So the Lights Won’t Create Contamination

Florescent lights contain toxic elements such as mercury. This can cause contamination in the soil when the lights end up in the landfills. LEDs keep poisons from getting into the ground and possibly into drinking water.

You may still feel hesitant about making a large LED upgrade because these lights are more expensive to purchase initially. But consider the savings you receive in return, both from the high energy efficiency and the long lifespan of the bulb. As an extra bonus, you won’t have the lights adding more heat to your house, and this helps lower how much you need to run the air conditioning system.

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