The Powerful Ductless Combo: Ductless Heating/Ductless HRV

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At Resicon, we’re focused on helping homes enjoy the best possible ventilation. This is a challenge because modern residential buildings have tight construction that permits little circulation of fresh outside air. Opening the windows of the house is rarely a beneficial choice, especially during the cold and rainy Washington winters. The house may receive fresh air, but it rapidly loses indoor heat.

There are options for better ventilation for homes with standard ducted HVAC systems, such as air purifiers, air filters, and heat recovery ventilators. But what about homes that don’t have space for ductwork? Some homes use boilers for heating and don’t have ductwork or an AC system, and others have no central HVAC system at all and use space heaters for winter.

There are options for these situations: ductless systems like ductless mini split heat pumps and ductless HRV systems.

Ductless HVAC System (Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps)

Ductless HVAC systems are becoming more popular in the US with each year, and many new homes are constructed with these systems in mind. They are also an ideal solution for a home without any type of central heating or cooling. A ductless system consists of a single outdoor unit, similar to an AC condenser, that connects through the walls to a series of small air handlers in different rooms. Conditioned air from these indoor units flows directly into the living spaces.

Because ductless HVAC systems are almost always heat pumps, they work as effective winter heater systems and summer cooling systems—and can more than manage both jobs. Aside from the flexibility of ductless HVAC systems, they provide benefits such as improved energy efficiency, cleaner air, and zone control.

And Now the Ductless HRV

A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) is a device installed into the ventilation system of a house that pre-heats or pre-cools a current of fresh air brought in from outside. It recovers the energy already used to heat or cool the home and applies it to the incoming air. This overcomes the problem of allowing outdoor air circulation without making the home temperatures uncomfortable or placing extra strain on the HVAC system.

The good news is that you no longer need ductwork for an HRV. We install the LUNOS e2 System, a ductless heat recovery ventilator that uses two units installed into exterior walls for balanced ventilation. These HRVs recover 90% of the energy from the air exhausted outside. This is more efficient than a standard HRV, which can recover around 80% of the energy of the inside air it exhausts.

Consider Your Options—We’ll Help

If your house already has a boiler to heat it, you probably won’t need a full ductless mini split heat pump installed (although there are “cooling only” units to look into). But you can have a LUNOS e2 System installed, and it’s one of the best HVAC services in Olympia, WA our technicians can offer you. You do need professionals to install either system. They may seem simple to look at, but they require special skills and tools to install.

Call Resicon LLC to learn more about ductless options for better comfort and better indoor air quality.

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