From 60 to 200 Amps in Your House

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One of the biggest changes in our daily lives over the last three decades was a quiet and gradual one: we started to use more electricity than ever before. Once upon a time, a few outlets scattered around a house were used to power lamps, the refrigerator, one television set, and a few appliances plugged in for short periods, like vacuum cleaners. Today, multiple outlets are occupied around the house, usually with power strips, to supply electricity to entertainment systems, computers and printers, charging stations for phones and laptops and Bluetooth devices.

This has required a change in the electrical capacity of homes. Where the average house once had 60-amp service (and many had only 30 if built pre-WWII), that’s not enough. Many homes now have 100-amp service—but we recommend a service upgrade to move your house to 200-amps.

Why Making a Service Upgrade Is Important

Is this really a big deal? Yes, it is.

We’re almost certain you don’t have a 30-amp home because plugging in a toaster and a lamp at the same time would’ve blown out the power. But the 60-amp home is still common. You may not experience electrical problems with 60-amps, but there is an insurance concern. Many companies won’t insure a house less than 100-amps. You may be able to find temporary insurance during the period when you arrange for a service upgrade. A low-amp house may also make it difficult to sell the house later on.

You can check on the amperage of your house by going to the electrical panel. Find the main breaker, and you’ll see an engraved number above it (sometimes the numbers are tiny). This number will tell you the amperage service of your house.

We Recommend a 200-Amp Service

The 100-amp home is common, and if you already live in one, or you’re planning to upgrade your 60-amp house, we recommend you go a step further and arrange for a 200-amp service upgrade. Why go for such a significant change? Two big reasons:

  • The new service panel installed in the house will have more circuits. You’ll no longer have to overcrowd circuits with multiple appliances, reducing the chance of a tripped breaker. You also won’t have to deal with losing large parts of the electrical system in the home in case of a short.
  • The electrical capacity increases to allow more electrical current to flow into your home from the power grid. You can power more appliances in your house and make the switch to more electrical devices like furnaces and stoves. You’ll have greater energy efficiency for appliances as well because there’s more electricity available to them.

Let Us Up Your Amperage for Better Living

We are the Olympia, WA, electrical service professionals who can handle upgrading your household electrical system. Our specialty is offering energy efficiency upgrades and solutions for homes and businesses in Tacoma and the surrounding Puget Sound Area. Our projects range from small single-family jobs to large multifamily or commercial work. We are 100% committed to improving the lives of our customers.

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