How Do I Know I Need a New Furnace?

needing a new furnace.

When Tacoma homeowners face older equipment or major appliances that aren’t performing like they used to, there’s always a tug-of-war between repairing or replacing. Home systems are not inexpensive to replace, but everyone knows they need to be upgraded at some point. The tricky question is when. Ideally, the answer is right before some major breakdown leaves you without something as important as heat in the winter.

Our professionals at Resicon LLC are well versed in all makes and models of furnaces and have years of experience in both repair and new installation. Here are some tips about making that important repair or replace decision this fall.

Consider the Age of Your Furnace

The age of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment is not the be-all-and-end-all of the repair or replace question. In some cases, Washington homeowners who are extremely diligent about regular maintenance tasks like filter changes and biannual inspections and cleanings may find that their furnace outlasts the average lifespan of 15 to 20 years. On the other hand, your particular furnace may face major problems well before then.

If your furnace is approaching the higher end of its life-expectancy, and you begin noticing reduced comfort or other issues, that combination of factors may be an indication that a new furnace is in order.

Review Repair Records

Beyond regular maintenance and occasional service calls, a well-functioning furnace should not require constant attention. If you find yourself calling us for HVAC repairs more than once a year, you may want to consider the cost of those repairs, inconvenience, and discomfort against the benefit of improved comfort and reduced stress of a new system. Although repair calls are less expensive than replacement in the short-term, they can quickly stack up over time. Using those funds toward a new furnace may make more sense for your family.

Study Utility Costs

You may also want to pull out those old utility bills or look at your online account over the last year to review your energy costs. Consider the possible change in energy costs in your area, the past season’s temperatures compared to average, and any extreme weather events your region may have experienced. With those things in mind, make sure your bills are in line with what you would expect.

If you notice that your energy costs have dramatically increased without explanation, this may be another factor to take into account in making the decision on whether to repair or replace. New furnaces can be much more energy efficient than older ones. In fact, purchasing an energy-efficient furnace may not only reduce your energy bills, but you may be eligible for incentives and rebates. The Rebate Finder by ENERGYSTAR® can help you find rebates for your area.

Sounds, Smells and Other Observations

If you begin noticing peculiar noises or odors coming from your furnace, you may want to investigate further. In some cases, you may be able to repair your furnace to resolve these problems. In other cases, these can be signs to bigger problems that signal it is time for a replacement.

Evaluate Your Comfort Levels

Remember the goal of a good furnace is to keep you and your family comfortable and safe during the cold winter months. If you find that your furnace is not keeping up with the setting on your thermostat, that you have cold or warm spots in your home, or that your furnace is simply not performing very well, you may want to weigh that against the needs of your family.

Today’s new thermostat technology, used in combination with a new furnace, can increase your comfort level as well as save energy. Look into things like smart thermostats and zone control systems or alternatives such as heat pumps when evaluating new options as well.

Consult the Experts

Call Resicon LLC in Tacoma, WA, for more information about new furnaces or assistance in making the repair or replace decision. Our team would love to walk you through your options so you can make the best decision for your family. Call 253-625-7952 or contact us online today.

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