4 Signs Your Ductless Heating Needs Fixing


We’re advocates of ductless heating in Tacoma, WA. Ductless mini split heat pumps give homes excellent cooling and heating around the year at an affordable price, and they’re flexible enough to fit the newest and the oldest homes. We’re proud to install the finest Mitsubishi ductless mini split systems—and we repair them as well. We know that, no matter how well a new Mitsubishi system is installed and how well we care for it, it may still run into malfunctions at some point.

We’ve provided a list of 4 signs that your ductless system needs our repair assistance. Don’t hesitate to call us when you encounter problems. With a ductless system, you often will only lose heating or cooling in one part of your home during the repair process. It’s another one of the benefits of having a ductless mini split in your house.

#1. Unresponsive Wall Units

Ductless systems operate primarily through remote controls for each of the individual wall units. You can run the units separate from each other to enjoy personalized comfort for the rooms. But when you try to adjust a wall unit using the remote and nothing happens … well, first check on the batteries in the remote to make sure that’s not the problem. If the remote is fine, you may have faulty electronics in the wall unit. Check on the other units to see if they’re working. If they aren’t, the problem may be a larger one in the outdoor unit.

#2. The system won’t switch into heating mode

It’s easy to change whether the wall units in the rooms are providing hot or cool air: you simply change the temperature setting with the remote to your desired setting and the wall units take over from there. But if you set a unit to heat and the air coming out is still cool or lukewarm, a likely explanation is that the reversing valve in the outside unit has broken. This valve is responsible for changing the direction refrigerant flows, and thus what mode the heat pump is in. You can’t fix this on your own, so please call our expert technicians to investigate and find out what needs to be done.

#3. The heating levels aren’t enough for comfort

You’re receiving heating from the wall units, but the rooms aren’t getting as warm as they should. This loss of heating output can be attributable to several factors. One of the most common is leaking refrigerant from the exposed refrigerant lines outdoors. Loss of refrigerant will put the whole heat pump system in jeopardy of failing, such as a busted compressor. This is a huge repair and often requires replacing the whole outdoor unit, so have our technicians on the job ASAP.

#4. Unpleasant grinding noises from wall units

There’s no such thing as a “pleasant” grinding noise—when you hear any noise like this from the wall units, it probably means the blower motor is running down because of lack of lubrication and overheating. A shrieking noise can indicate the motor bearings are wearing down. Call repair pros to replace the bearings or the motor, and don’t use the unit until it’s repaired.

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