The Sanden CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater or “SANCO2”. The Alternative to Electric Water Heaters


After heating and cooling, the water heater makes up the second largest use of energy in your home. It’s hard to believe that so much of our money must go toward a basic necessity. Imagine how much you could save if heating water simply cost less.

Fortunately, Sanden is making that dream a reality with their heat pump water heaters. The SANCO₂ heat pump water heater will allow you to use 70% less electricity than you would with a regular electric water heater.

How? Because heat pump water heaters use refrigerant to absorb warm air from the outdoors. It’s a much less energy-intensive process than having to generate heat through traditional methods, like electrical resistance or gas combustion. It saves energy, saves money, and even reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

And even if it’s cold outside, it makes no difference. The SANCO₂ can absorb warmth in temperatures as low as -20°F.

In comparison to your traditional electric water heater, the SANCO₂ is 4 times more efficient. But what does that mean for your energy bill?

While your average electric water heater uses nearly $3 of energy for every 100 gallons of water heated, the SANCO₂ reduces your spend to less than $1. Depending on your use, that can equal out to less than $30 per month.

Few, if any, companies are properly trained and certified to both sell and install SANCO₂ heat pump water heaters. But Resicon can!

As local regulations begin calling for more environmentally conscious solutions, you’ll find that SANCO₂ heat pump water heaters become the logical choice.

Contact Resicon LLC today to learn more about installing a SANCO₂ in your home.

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