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One of the essential services an electrical contractor should be able to offer you is upgrading your electrical panel. The electrical panel is the hub for the entire electrical system of your home or business. If this panel is damaged or is not up to date with current electrical needs, it can spell disaster in many ways for a building.

Resicon LLC is a licensed electrical contractor serving University Place and the surrounding Puget Sound area. We specialize in residential and commercial electrical system upgrades, such as replacing circuit breaker panels.

We have an electrical contractor’s license for the State of Washington and journeymen electricians on our team to ensure you receive the highest quality work that will keep your building up to code.

Is It Time to Replace Your Circuit Breaker Box?

Few parts of an electrical system are as essential to a building as the circuit breaker panel, also known as the electrical box. This is the core of the system through which all the circuits pass. The panel protects the electrical system by switching off circuits exceeding the voltage limits of the circuit.

Eventually, any breaker box will wear down or become obsolete because of changes in the electrical code and/or an increase in the electrical load. If you have noticed your Washington home or business experiencing multiple tripped circuit breakers, flickering lights, or charring marks on the electrical panel, call our licensed electricians to replace the circuit breaker box as soon as possible.

Our electricians are honest and have integrity. We will never attempt to upsell you on replacing an electrical panel if you do not require it. Your safety is of prime importance to us.

Additionally, if you still have an old fuse box, do not wait on calling us. These old panels are potentially dangerous.

Why Only Rely on Licensed Electricians for Panel Service?

Any electrical job for a home or business more complex than just putting in a new light bulb needs to be left to a licensed electrician. There is a serious risk of high-voltage shocks along with poor workmanship.

With upgrades for an electrical box, the situation is especially serious. An unlicensed amateur may put in a breaker box that creates a risk of electrical fires and consistent electrical failures throughout the building. Unfortunately, we have seen this type of work time and time again out in the field. In addition, all these types of jobs require a permit before the work can even begin.

It is our job to see you receive the best professional work when you need service for a circuit breaker box. When you call us to upgrade your building’s electrical system, we will bring with us the best knowledge and top certifications to ensure the work is done to the highest possible standards. We will see you remain up to code and can live and work in convenience.

We Are the Area’s Experts in Installing and Upgrading Electrical Panels

At Resicon LLC, we have done extensive work with government contracts. This means our electricians are licensed and trained to the highest standards and understand in depth the details of the local electrical codes for Tacoma, WA and the surrounding Puget Sound region. Our electrical team has experience installing electrical panels for all sizes of homes and businesses.

We highly value training in our employees. It is how we can perform a quality job for you. And few jobs are more important than work on a circuit breaker panel. You can trust us for this service and any other electrical help you may need. Contact us today at 253-625-7952or request service online.

Electrical Replacement in Lakewood, WA 98498

“Thank you Craig, your team was very professional. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a knowledgable team to tackle their electrical project and get it done right.”
- Vance H.

Electrical Replacement in Tacoma, WA 98387

“Thank you guys. They cleaned up after them selves, and did the job excellent. They all wore mask the whole time. Since im in a wheelchair, they made sure things where never in my way so I could move around them working. Danny and Garrett went above and beyond thank you so much. I would definitely come back if I needed anything else.”

- Juanita S.

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