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Ductless HRV in Tacoma, WA

Ventilation in modern homes is often terrible. Few fresh air currents enter to replace stale air, resulting in low quality air circulating around and around the house. Opening a window brings in fresh air, but it also means drawing in air that needs extra energy from the AC or heating system. One way to overcome this problem is with a ductless heat recovery ventilator (HRV). This is a simple, affordable, and effective solution for ventilation problems without energy waste.

Resicon LLC serves the Greater Tacoma, WA Area, and we provide service to install the superb LUNOS e2 System of ductless HRVs. We have OSHA 10-certified and EPA-certified team members and we emphasize training to ensure the best service for all customers. You’ll have a hard time finding more qualified HVAC technicians in the state.

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How a Ductless HRV System Improves Ventilation

The LUNOS e2 System is the first decentralized heat recovery ventilator of its kind available in the US and is perfect for homes with tight construction and high efficiency. Instead of using the ductwork in the home (if there is any), which allows for heat loss and heat gain, this ductless HRV is a through-wall ventilation system. A ductless system also takes up less space and costs less than a conventional ducted HRV.

The operation of the LUNOS e2 System is easy to explain. A fan draws the inside air from a home through the unit, which charges a ceramic core in that fan unit as the air is exhausted outside. The fan then pauses and runs in reverse to draw a current of outside air through the charged core and air filter, recovering up to 90% of the energy from exhaust air in the charged core. To create balanced ventilation, two units are installed in a space. Multiple units throughout the house are timed with each other to create synchronized cross-ventilation. A house will enjoy continual fresh air circulation and exhaust without any significant energy loss.

LUNOS e2 System Installation

Our technicians are specially trained to install the LUNOS e2 System in homes. They will know where to place the pairs of fans around the house for maximum system efficiency. (Usually, fan pairs will go in each room with an outside wall.) We strongly recommend you don’t attempt this installation on your own, since it requires drilling through walls and the system placement is important for the best effect. We will ensure you have balanced air, energy savings, and comfort from your LUNOS e2 System.

Schedule Ductless HRV Services Today in Tacoma, WA

Resicon LLC is a full-service HVAC contractor. No matter what service you need for a ductless HRV, we can help. We handle new installation, repair, and routine maintenance. Our technicians have years of experience working with many types of ductless HVAC systems to help homes enjoy the benefits of this simple but ingenious alternative to standard central heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. We offer 100% in-house ductless system installs, which isn’t something you’ll find at most contractors in Tacoma, WA. Call us with any questions you have.