How HVAC Zoning Can Save You Money

technician servicing a thermostat.

Imagine dividing up your Puget Sound home into separate living spaces, and you can control the temperature in each space by directing the airflow in your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

That’s how zone control systems work.

HVAC zoning can save you money in energy costs while keeping your Tacoma home more comfortable throughout the year. Resicon LLC has a licensed team of HVAC technicians who are experts in installing and servicing zone control systems for homes of all sizes.

Let’s delve into how a tailored approach to your heating and cooling can pave the way to significant savings.

Understanding Zone Control Systems

First, let’s explore the fundamentals of zone control systems. Unlike traditional HVAC setups, which treat the entire home as a single unit, zone control systems divide the home into distinct zones, each equipped with a thermostat for independent temperature control.

Tacoma homeowners gain the ability to regulate temperatures on a room-by-room basis, directing conditioned air precisely where it’s needed most.

Tailored Comfort, Reduced Waste

Your heating system makes up about 29 percent of your utility bill. One of the primary ways zone control systems save money is that you provide less heating and cooling in unoccupied areas of the home.

Consider this scenario:

During the day, when the majority of family members are at work or school, there’s little need to maintain the same temperature throughout your entire Washington house. With a zone control system, you can adjust the temperature in unused zones or even turn them off entirely, thereby conserving energy and reducing utility costs by up to 10 percent a year.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Furthermore, zone control systems promote energy efficiency in Tacoma by allowing for more precise temperature control.

Instead of blasting conditioned air throughout the entire home, irrespective of individual preferences or room usage, zone control systems enable Puget Sound homeowners to set customized temperature settings for each zone.

This targeted approach ensures that energy is used only where and when it’s needed, leading to more efficient operation and lower energy bills.

Avoiding Overheating or Overcooling

Another benefit of zone control systems is their ability to prevent overheating or overcooling of specific areas within the home. In a traditional HVAC setup, it’s not uncommon for certain rooms to become uncomfortably warm or chilly due to uneven distribution of conditioned air. The professionals at Resicon LLC can address this issue with zone control, allowing you to adjust temperatures independently and ensure optimal comfort throughout your Washington home without wasting energy.

Extending HVAC Life Span

Beyond the immediate cost savings, multi-zone HVAC systems can also contribute to long-term savings by extending the service life of your equipment.

By reducing the workload on your heating and cooling system and minimizing the frequency of cycling on and off, zone control systems help mitigate wear and tear, ultimately prolonging the life of your HVAC unit and reducing the need for costly repairs or premature replacements.

Control Your Tacoma Home’s Comfort Today!

Zone control systems empower Tacoma, WA, homeowners to take control of their comfort while trimming their energy bills. Call Resicon LLC at 253-342-1473 or request service online for a free consultation about our zone control installation services and how you can reduce your energy costs.

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