Here’s What You Need to Know Before Switching to a Ductless AC

Ductless air conditioning systems are popular in many parts of the world, such as Japan and Europe. They have started to make a larger impact in the US, where they are often installed in hotels and restaurants. More homeowners are discovering the benefits of using ductless mini split systems rather than the conventional split system air conditioners that send cooled air into a network of ducts.

If you’re reading this, a ductless mini split heat pump is probably already on your radar. You’re thinking about making a ductless system your next HVAC installation. We think this is a great idea. However, there are a few important facts we want you to know before you make a solid decision.

Ductless systems are best for homes that don’t already have ductwork

Installing a ductless mini split offers many advantages, such as lower energy bills, zone control, and better air quality. But you shouldn’t install one just to have these advantages. The main advantage of going ductless is that you can outfit a home without the space for ducts with a type of central AC. No more need for ugly window units! If you already have a good ductwork system in your house, putting in a ductless system is wasteful.

Ductless is a good option for remodeling and renovation

There is an exception to adding ductless to a home that already has ducts: the house is about to undergo renovations or extensions. Choosing to put in a ductless mini split allows you to ignore the ducts during the remodeling and tear them out. For a room addition, you can have a ductless system installed just to cool it, rather than alter the rest of the ducts and AC to accommodate the new space.

Ductless systems can handle four to eight indoor blower units

Instead of sending cooled air into a ventilation system from a single indoor unit, a ductless system connects to small blower units located inside the rooms that can send air straight into the living space. Each outdoor unit can handle from four to eight indoor units, so make plans on where you want the blowers located. Which rooms will benefit the most? Which are used the most? You can always add additional outdoor units if you want more coverage around the house.

Get ready for remote controls

Remote controls are used to operate the blower units in a ductless system. The units are placed upon the walls, usually over windows or outside doors, so you can’t easily reach them to change their settings. Keep the remote for each unit located in the same room with it. If any of the air handlers seems to stop working in the future, remember to check the batteries in the remote first.

Calling an HVAC company in Olympia, WA for a consultation is the quickest way to find out if a ductless mini split is a good idea for your home. You can request a free consultation with our HVAC experts to find the best way to keep your household comfortable.

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