How to Tell It’s Time for Heat Pump Replacement

Heat Pump replacement - Lading on Sofa adjusting temperature
Heat Pump replacement - Lading on Sofa adjusting temperature

How often do you really stop to think about the heat pump in your Tacoma home? While this incredible heating and cooling system is energy efficient and can help keep your monthly energy expenses lower than other systems, it won’t last forever.

Eventually, you are going to need a heat pump replacement for your Washington home. But how do you know when it is no longer worth repairing and time for a full replacement instead?

Our Resicon LLC experts can provide answers to all of your questions. Our team of professionals is here to offer helpful heating and cooling information as well as to discuss the latest models and makes you can select from. We will provide the installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance you need to ensure your system is in peak condition.

Signs You Need Heat Pump Replacement

A properly maintained heat pump can last about 15 years before it starts slowing down. When your system starts to approach this age, you may start experiencing trouble and notice some signs indicating it’s time to opt for a full replacement. These signs can include the following:

  • Repairs are becoming frequent. As your unit ages, common wear-and-tear issues start to appear. While routine maintenance can help correct problems and keep your heat pump in great shape, it will eventually make more financial sense to replace your unit.If you find yourself requiring repair after repair, consider the age of your system and speak with our experts to determine whether or not it’s more beneficial for you to invest in a new system. The truth is, it will only function for so long, and you don’t want to keep putting your money toward a system that could malfunction or break down entirely.
  • Areas of your home have inadequate heating and cooling. If it starts taking longer for heating or cooling to reach certain areas of your home, it could be due to an aged or taxed-out unit. Towards the end of its service life, your system won’t be able to work as efficiently as it once did. Installing a new system can help restore an even temperature throughout your home.
  • You notice increased energy consumption and higher utility bills. Nothing says it’s time for a heat pump replacement quite like an increase in your energy usage and expenses. Heating makes up the largest portion of the average American household’s energy bills with expenses for a typical year costing over $2,000, according to ENERGY STAR®.
  • You start to hear louder, troubling noises coming from your heat pump. You may be familiar with certain sounds your unit makes, but if you notice anything unusual or louder than normal, it’s time to call a professional. Strange sounds could indicate anything from faulty parts to serious damage. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may need to opt for a complete heat pump replacement.


Turn to Professionals for Heat Pump Replacement

Do you think it could be time for a heat pump replacement in your Washington home? Have our Resicon LLC heat pump experts provide an inspection. Afterward, we can recommend the best course of action to take as well as offer suggestions on makes and models that will best suit your home. There’s no need to try to figure it out on your own when our experts are here to assist you with all of your concerns.

We Can Address All Your Heat Pump Needs

Ready for a heat pump replacement or to speak with our Resicon LLC professionals and hear what we recommend? Our experts are here for you and want to cater to all of your needs here in Tacoma, WA. Helping our customers is what we do, so just give us a call at 253-625-7952 or request service online. 

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