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Weatherization Services in Tacoma, WA

Weatherization is the process of making your home more efficient, healthy, and comfortable while saving you money, protecting the environment, and creating a healthy living space. Proper weatherization can involve any or all of these various activities including air sealing, wall/attic/crawl insulation, heating system upgrades, ventilation system upgrades, water heating system upgrades, lighting upgrades, and various other necessary repairs. Resicon LLC can handle this full scope of weatherization by doing much of the work in-house and subcontracting to other industry professionals those parts they cannot do. The advantage is the entire process is monitored and controlled through one contractor. And we already do this for some agencies as a general contractor for entire jobs.

Resicon LLC has its roots in weatherization: we work with several of the larger government agencies that provide low-income weatherization services in Tacoma, WA and throughout the Puget Sound Area. This makes us the ideal team for your multifamily or residential weatherization needs. Call us to find out more about our weatherization work and to arrange for service.

Air Sealing and How It Helps You Save Money

A home has a seal around it, sometimes called its envelope, that stops heat from getting out during cold weather and heat from coming in during warm weather. Your home may have a leaky envelope, and that will cost you in energy loss each year.

Air Sealing closes those gaps in the envelope that cause leakage. We pinpoint the leaks in the home and close them off using caulking, weather stripping, or spray–in insulation. Our team is skilled at finding the trickiest leaks others may miss. According to the U.S. ENERGY STAR program, having quality professional air sealing to close up those leaks can result in saving up to 10% on total annual energy costs and up to 20% on heating and cooling costs specifically. Air sealing should ALWAYS be done before insulating or adding insulation.

Whole-Home Insulation

Insulation creates a thermal barrier that prevents the transference of heat from once place to another. It’s estimated that over 90% of homes here in the United States are under insulated. Insulation keeps your home comfortable year-round. In cold weather, insulation traps the heat indoors and during warm weather it keeps the heat at bay. Not sure if your home could benefit from home insulation services? Here are a few signs:

  • You have high energy bills
  • You have trouble heating your home in winter and cooling it in summer
  • You struggle with cold walls, floors, and ceilings
  • You have leaks during the winter

If you need home insulation then make sure that you contact our professionals here at Resicon LLC.

Proper Attic Insulation Is Essential for Weatherization

The attic is the spot in a house where the most heat is lost or gained—and therefore it’s the place in a home that needs the most insulation attention. During cold weather, rising heat escapes through the attic. Think of insulation as like putting a warm woolen hat on top of your house to trap heat and keep everybody inside warmer. The insulation also stops ice dams from forming and damaging roofing material.

But what about summer? The attic is a hotspot on sunny summer days, with the heat inside often reaching temperatures of 130°F or more. This heat will reach the living spaces of the house by radiating through the ceiling unless proper insulation slows it down. Our weatherization partners will see you have the right attic insulation for all seasons. We can replace or add insulation as needed.

Let Us Weatherize Your Home in Tacoma, WA

Air sealing and attic insulation are excellent for improving your home’s heat seal for better comfort and energy savings around the year. But these are only two of the services we provide for weatherization in Tacoma, WA and the surrounding Puget Sound Region.

You can arrange for an appointment with our weatherization experts, and they’ll look over your house to determine the best methods to improve its heat seal. We take into account all important factors, such as the number of people in your home, the size of the house, and your daily routines. Call on Resicon LLC today and ask about our complete weatherization services.