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Indoor-outdoor lighting in the evening

Are you looking for residential, commercial, or multifamily lighting solutions here in the Tacoma area and the surrounding Puget Sound region, for either indoors or outdoors?

It can be for any reason. Maybe the lighting in your business or home feels drab and dim. You may think you are paying more for electricity than you should. Or perhaps you have a new project that requires something more than basic lighting.

The easy way to find a great solution is to call Resicon LLC. We are licensed and experienced electricians who work with indoor and outdoor lighting. In addition, we are partners with all the local utility companies and can offer utility incentives for upgraded LED (light-emitting diode) lighting. We specialize in energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions, such as making upgrades to LED lighting.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Services and Lighting Retrofits

At Resicon, we only hire electricians who have the best training and are properly licensed for our team. We understand the special requirements of both proper indoor and outdoor lighting.

Our team can help you raise the value of your Washington property, increase security, or improve visual appeal with our lighting services. We work with all types of lighting setups—track lighting, recessed lighting, security lighting, landscape lighting, and more.

If you do not want a completely new lighting scheme or are not interested in lighting for new construction, you can arrange with us for a lighting retrofit.

Our electricians will look over your current lighting setup and find ways to create the lighting you want while also helping to cut down on your electrical costs. And we can make a lighting project even more cost effective with utility program rebates and incentives where they are available.

Why Do We Recommend Upgrading to LED Lighting?

No matter what lighting you want for your home, business, or multifamily building—from outdoor area and parking lot lighting to indoor ceiling and track lighting—new LED light installation is a great way to upgrade the interior and exterior of a building.

There are many benefits to LED lighting that make the switch worthwhile:

• Energy savings. Compared to standard incandescent bulbs, LED lights consume 80 percent less energy, only allowing 20 percent to escape as heat. You can expect significant savings on electrical bills immediately.
• Long life span. You will have many years to enjoy the savings from LED bulbs and fixtures, because the average bulb lasts 10 times longer than other types—burning for over a hundred thousand hours! An LED light bulb could stay on for 11 years before failing.
• Environmentally friendly. We are focused on improving the environment, and LED bulbs and fixtures are a great way to do just that. These lights contain no mercury or other toxic materials to poison landfills. And since the bulbs last much longer, far fewer will end up in those landfills—on average you would throw away 25 regular bulbs in the time it takes for one LED bulb to burn out.
• Lower heat output. Since an LED light loses less energy to the outside, it emits lower levels of heat. This is great to help keep spaces cool and lower the strain on your air conditioning unit.

We Can Install, Repair, and Maintain Your Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

No matter what your lighting needs are for your residential, commercial, or multifamily indoor or outdoor project, our highly certified and trained electricians are here for you. We will design and install new lighting, whether it is entirely new or a replacement.

Our electrical professionals are also ready to help you with lighting repairs and maintenance. You need your electrical system working well for both comfort and safety. Get in touch with our knowledgeable and friendly team with any questions you may have about your electrical system.

Let Us Handle Your Residential, Commercial, and Multifamily Lighting

We have an electrical contractor’s license from the State of Washington at Resicon LLC and have provided indoor and outdoor lighting services for many types of buildings: warehouses, offices, restaurants, multifamily housing common areas—and, of course, private homes.

This experience helps us devise unique approaches to meet your needs, whatever they are. And we do not want to just improve your lighting. We want to improve your savings and reduce your impact on the environment as well. Call us today at 253-625-7952 or request service online to find out more about our lighting installation and lighting retrofit services for Tacoma, WA, and the surrounding Puget Sound region.

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