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Electrical Wiring and Rewiring in Tacoma, WA

Resicon LLC is a licensed electrical contractor serving Tacoma, WA and the surrounding Puget Sound Area. Although you can find many electricians serving the region, you will have a hard time finding a contractor with more licensing and certifications than us. We handle many government contracts, requiring us to be fully licensed, have in depth understanding of local electrical codes, and requiring great attention to detail. We pass on this knowledge and certification to our residential and commercial clients.

If you’re looking for rewiring services, from a small home wiring job to full house rewiring, get in touch with us. We are fair and honest in all our dealings with customers and believe in the power of the skill of our workers. It’s what sets us apart from the competition. Give us a call to schedule electrical services in Tacoma, WA and the Puget Sound region.

Call Us for Full House Rewiring Services

The electrical demands of homes have increased dramatically in just the last 10 years alone. With more charging stations and electrical appliances than ever before, the electrical load may be too much for an older house because of outdated wiring. In many cases, deteriorating and aging wiring may even create a fire hazard. The solution is to have full house rewiring done by a licensed electrician.

This sounds like a massive job—and it is. But it’s our goal to see that our customers have the best in convenience, no matter the task. Our team of electricians will take care of upgrading your home’s wiring while creating as little disruption or hassles for your house and daily routine as possible. We never rush a job, and we’ll ensure your new wiring is compliant with current codes.

Business and Home Wiring Repair

You may not need a complete upgrade for your electrical wiring, but you should never hesitate to call for small wiring repair work when you notice electrical issues in your building. Flickering lights, circuit breakers that trip too often, and warm spots along walls can warn that it’s time to call our electricians for wiring repairs.

Along with wire repairs, we upgrade lighting, outlets, and electrical panels. All our electricians are trained and licensed, and they know how to troubleshoot problems to get to the root of what work needs to be done. They’ll never try to upsell you on services or products you don’t need—they’ll do what they say they’ll do and be straightforward and fair with you.

Always Call Professional Electricians in Tacoma, WA

For your safety and the safety of people in your home or commercial building, do not allow amateurs without proper licensing to work on the electrical wiring. And you certainly shouldn’t try to do the work on your own. There is risk of electrical fires and high voltage shocks, and the building could be put in violation of local electrical codes.

Take the safer and more assuring route and call Resicon LLC. We have an Electrical Contractors license for the State of Washington, and we value highly trained employees. All your electrical needs, including full house rewiring, are in the best hands in Tacoma, WA and the surrounding Puget Sound Region when you work with us. Arrange for an appointment today.

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