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We Service and Install Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors in Tacoma, WA

If you own a house or a business, keeping the people inside safe is your biggest priority. This is why you need to have carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors installed in the building. Receiving fast alert to dangers that may otherwise escape notice is often a lifesaver.

Having carbon monoxide and smoke detector installation is not only good sense, it’s also legally required. You’ll need professional electricians for the job who know local codes. Resicon LLC has an Electrical Contractors license for the State of Washington, and our electricians are OSHA 10 certified and have numerous other certifications, such as First Aid and CPR. They understand all local code requirements so they can keep your home or business safe. Call us to schedule service for smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation in Tacoma, WA or elsewhere in the Puget Sound Area.

Why Carbon Monoxide Detection Is Vital

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a byproduct of combustion. Anything that burns can create CO, but the main concern for homes and businesses is from the burning of natural gas in appliances such as furnaces, water heaters, ovens, and stoves. In addition, leaving a car running in a closed garage can be a dangerous source of CO in the home. Carbon monoxide is supposed to be safely vented from a building, but if it starts to build up, it can lead to nausea, dizziness, headaches, and other flu–like symptoms. In high enough concentrations, CO is fatal.

Because CO is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, it’s necessary to have special carbon monoxide detectors in a building to provide warning of unsafe CO levels. Our electricians who handle carbon monoxide detector installation know all the places to put the units to provide maximum safety and to meet code requirements.

Smoke Detector Installation

Even homes that don’t use natural gas will benefit from having some detectors in place to quickly identify smoke from any source, such as fires in the kitchen or from an electrical malfunction. There are different types of smoke detectors that use a range of methods to identify the presence of smoke and then send an alert. The most common are ionization smoke alarms (which are more responsive to fires with high flames) and photoelectric smoke alarms (which are responsive to slow, smoldering fires). You can trust our professional electricians to ensure that you have the right units. In many cases, smoke detection and carbon monoxide detection are combined in one unit.

We Offer Other Electrical Services in Tacoma, WA

Along with installing CO and smoke detectors, we also offer carbon monoxide and smoke detector replacement. If you test your detectors (which we recommend you do every six months) and find one is no longer working, call us and we’ll see what needs to be done and if you need either a CO or smoke detector replacement.

Resicon LLC has worked on many government contracts, and that means we have some of the best licensed and experienced employees in the Puget Sound Region. We know how to keep the electrical systems in a building working safely and up to code. You can trust our licensed electricians to handle any of your electrical needs—residential or commercial—in Tacoma, WA and the surrounding areas.

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